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  • Linda DuToit, LPC

55 Simple Gratitude Practices

Each day presents opportunity to be thankful or to show our gratitude or appreciation. Gratitude practice should not be a 24/7 endeavor. We will burn out or get discouraged if we do too much. You don’t have to stick to a strict regime or routine. Switch things up, keep your efforts balanced, and find a few things that you totally enjoy doing. The following list provides many ideas. Use them as they are or adjust them to suit your personality, style and schedule.

When you express or think about gratitude, feel it in your heart. Practicing thankfulness and appreciation should never be a chore. It’s an opportunity to reflect, feel, and give thanks.

  1. Create a gratitude list and add something to is every day.

  2. Tell someone how much you love an appreciate them.

  3. Observe the beauty and wonder of nature every day.

  4. Do at least one kind thing for someone every day.

  5. Give a family member a call.

  6. If you cook meals for others, do so with love in your heart for them.

  7. Keep a gratitude journal

  8. Send someone a greeting card through the mail.

  9. Write a thank you card for someone.

  10. Smile more often each day, even though you don’t feel like smiling.

  11. So something special for a friend.

  12. Watch inspiration videos

  13. Do something nice for someone who has done something nice for you.

  14. Say thank you to those who serve you each day, such as a cashier, bank teller, a bus driver, doorman, grocery bagger, restaurant server, etc.

  15. Don’t complain about anything today.

  16. Create and practice a gratitude medication. Use your gratitude list to remind you of all you have to be thankful for.

  17. Express gratitude in some way on your social media, such as posting quotes, images, thoughts, etc.

  18. Find a certain time each day to practice gratitude so that it becomes a habit.

  19. Create a visual gratitude board – cut out or print picture of lots of people, places, circumstances that you are thankful for and display them.

  20. Notice and give thanks for one of your strengths.

  21. Be thankful when you have learned something new or mastered a skill you have been practicing.

  22. Say hello to your neighbors.

  23. Tell someone else about the difference your attitude of gratitude has made in your life.

  24. Notice and help others.

  25. Help others see the bright side of circumstances.

  26. Include gratitude as part of your dinner time conversation.

  27. When you make a mistake, be thankful for what you will learn from it or how it will help you grow.

  28. Show appreciation and say thank you to those you love for things you usually take for granted.

  29. Volunteer with organizations that are helpful to others.

  30. Don’t gossip or say negative things about others.

  31. Give someone a compliment when they look nice.

  32. When you are experiencing a rough time, meditate on your gratitude list to help lift your spirits or refocus your train of thought.

  33. Look for the positive side of negative situations.

  34. Show recognition or appreciation when you notice someone doing a good job.

  35. Enjoy the present moment, noticing all there is to be thankful for.

  36. When you sit down for a meal, remember a good thing that happened that day and express your thankfulness.

  37. Set a reminder on your phone for a time during your busy day to stop for a few seconds and express inner gratitude for something or someone.

  38. Leave a note of thanks for your mail carrier.

  39. Send a note of thanks to someone from your past that had a lasting positive influence on your life.

  40. Write a positive review of a restaurant, business, service organization, or Amazon vendor that recently provided great service or who’s products you find helpful.

  41. Send an email to your child’s teacher expressing your gratitude for the ongoing patience, encouragement and kindness they express towards your child each day.

  42. Send a note, email or text or appreciation for a job well done.

  43. Do something kind for your pet, being especially thankful for the unconditional love they provide each day.

  44. Say thanks to the garbage collectors.

  45. Identify something about yourself for which you are thankful or appreciative. Consider your personality, your actions, your skills and talents, etc.

  46. Take pictures of things you are grateful for each day.

  47. Make a donation to your favorite non-profit organization, and include some words of thanks.

  48. Go for a walk or hike and notice the nature around you. Be thankful for your surroundings.

  49. Become aware of something you usually take for granted in your life and add it to your gratitude list.

  50. If someone has helped you with a special project or need, consider thanking them by taking them to a special event such as a concert, play, or sporting event. Try to find something in which they have a particular interest.

  51. Almost the opposite of #50 … When someone has helped you out, offer to do something for them that you know they don’t enjoy … like organizing their workspace, mowing their lawn, running a particular errand, etc.

  52. Give a larger tip than you usually might.

  53. Tell someone’s boss about the good job the employee has done.

  54. Thank your coworker in front of others when they have made a particular contribution or gone the extra mile to meet a deadline.

  55. Send flowers.

  56. BONUS #1: Remember it’s usually the little things in life that make a bit difference.

  57. BONUS #2: It’s important to show yourself some gratitude as well. Do nice things for yourself after small and large accomplishments. Even if no one else acknowledges your efforts, you can appreciate a job well done! This is also a great way to improve your self-compassion.

Thank you for reading this post! If you found it helpful, feel free to share it with others.


Linda DuToit, LPC 1/2020

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