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A Bit About Me

Linda DuToit, LPC

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I became a counselor to help people overcome problems and adversities, and develop the types of lives they want to live.  Sometimes our problems are caused by other people's dysfunction, and sometimes problems develop because of choices we have made.  Regardless of how problems began, we will work together to develop a plan for change.  Life can be different when you focus on yourself, knowing that you are the only person you can actually change. 

My Approach

I help clients work to resolve their problems, while building upon their strengths.  This combination helps client recover from the past, while working towards the future.  By developing strong, collaborative relationships with my clients, a personalized treatment plan or program is developed to help achieve or obtains goals and objectives.  

When working with clients, I draw from concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and positive psychology.    I help clients explore ways of thinking, challenge beliefs, and rebuild identity & self-acceptance.  One of my strengths is helping clients rebuild self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-acceptance -- this is crucial work especially after having experienced an abusive relationship or family.

Why Should You Choose Me As Your Therapist?

Well, you won't know that for sure until you meet me in person.  You won't know that any counselor is right for you without an initial session to ask questions and gather information.  Some people feel that counselors are cookie-cutter in nature.  In reality, we all have unique personalities and approaches.  We have a variety of backgrounds, expertise, and training.  So it's not about picking a counselor, it's about choosing the right counselor for your needs. 

I encourage you to give me a call or text at 724-814-6691, or email at to set up an initial assessment appointment.  Together we can decide if we are the right fit for each other.

My Background

My journey as a therapist began in the field of domestic abuse and violence as a case manager and crisis counselor.  This experience solidified my desire and effectiveness for helping those in need.  I attained additional counseling experience through an internship at the Staunton Clinic Mental Health treatment center in Pittsburgh.  

After moving to Virginia in 2015, I worked as a psychotherapist for an outpatient counseling group before starting my private practice in 2016.  I have worked with clients facing a wide variety of mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, bipolar disorder, physical and/or psychological abuse, relationship concerns, divorce, bullying, loss and grief, anger, and several more.  I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, complex trauma, depression, relationship concerns, and recovery from abuse in its many forms.  I have developed a specialty in the care of one's SELF, focusing on the building of healthy self-esteem.  I continue to read, study, train, and learn about skills, techniques, concepts and approaches that will benefit my clients, both generally and specifically.

My Credentials

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Virginia.  License #0701008119.

  • Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from La Roche University in Pennsylvania.

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